Creating and sustaining quality charter schools

Our mission at CharterBoost is to help new and existing charter school operators create successful and sustainable educational systems. From petition and grant writing to professional development and employee recruitment, we can “Boost” you to new heights.

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Whether it is in district public schools, charter schools, or even private schools, our team has over a decade of combined experience successfully running top-notch site-based operations.

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We’re teachers at our core, and we care about our clients. Therefore, we understand that it is vital you receive the support you need to maximize your students’ educational opportunities.

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Our team has a long-standing track record of excellence when it comes to education. You can trust that CharterBoost will ensure quality in product, performance, and support.

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Why CharterBoost

Our team at CharterBoost utilizes decades of experience in TK-12 district and charter schools to provide our clients with the “boost” they need to succeed.

Through our comprehensive service offerings, we aim to:

  • Provide the assistance needed to open a charter school
  • Support the establishment of sustainable fiscal and educational systems
  • Reduce bureaucratic and operational burdens so our clients can dedicate more of their time and energy to achieving their mission and fulfilling their charter
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